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How to Reverse Mount Your Logitech G25/G27 Pedals


This Modification is intended for those who wish to have their G25 / G27 pedals hang upside down to simulate their own cars. Only a few simple hand tools are required, though you do need to have a solid cockpit to mount your pedals.

Tools Needed:

- Needle nose pliers
- 2.5mm Allen wrench (Hex key)
- Philips screwdriver (if possible, #1 and #2)


1. Remove all three pedals with a 2.5mm Allen wrench.

2. Flip the pedal assembly over, remove all 14 screws that are holding the casing togather with #1 Philips screw driver.
(there are 2 under the carpet-flap)

3. Flip the assembly back on its correct side and remove the top cover by lifting it upwards,
remove the two screws holding in the cable stress-relief with #1 Philips screwdriver.

4. Let's take seperate the individual pedal units from the base.
Flip the assebmly over once again and remove all 12 screws with #2 Phillips screwdriver.

5. Each units have already been labeled from factory: "A" for accelerator, "B" for brake, and "C" for clutch.
Rearrange your pedal units into the correct order, be careful with the wires.
You can unplug each connectors to make things easier, make sure to label them first!

6. Reinstall each paddles in the correct orientation.

7. Mount your pedal units to your cockpit using the existing mounting holes. The threads are M6x1.0.

8. If you decided to unplug or accidently pull off the connectors earlier, reconnect them as shown:

9. That's it! Enjoy!






The Modification on this page are only a suggestion. Reader who wishes to peform such modification to their gaming wheels are doing so at their (your) own will and must understand the risk. I cannot be held responsible for any possible damage or injuries.