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chilicoke's Original S2000 ('00-09) Side Diffusers
Fiberglass side diffusers
- Side diffusers come painted matte black.
- Mounting screws and washers included.
- Ready to mount straight out of the box!

Price: $219.99
First batch sold out!
Please stand by for second batch soon.

Shipping with in United States and Canada only at the moment due to high over-sea shipping cost.

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Item Description:

Chilicoke's original fiberglass side diffusers for all Honda S2000s. Give your car a modest, wider look.

All fiberglass parts are made from UV resistant resin and quality glass fiber for the optimal balance between weight and strength, roughtly one pound for each sides. Diffusers come painted matte black to match your car's factory trim.

Mounting screws and washers are included. Side diffusers come pre-trimed, drilled, and ready to mount straight out of the box!


Installation Guide:

1. Securely set your car firmly on jack stands, please take precautionary measures and ensure your safety when working under your car.
Caution: For your own safety, do NOT go under an unsecured car supported only by car jack(s)!!!

2. Position the side diffuser into the desired fitment; mark all mounting holes (5 on each side) for drilling in the next step.

3. Drill the previously marked locations with a 7/64" drill bit. It is a good idea to "mark" the drilling points with a center punch to prevent drill bit from "walking."

4. Mount the side diffuser using included screws and washers. Loosely screw in all 5 screws first before tightening will allow easier final adjustments.



The installation is very simple and straightforward. However, buyer is solely responsible for their own safety, installation, or any possible damage done to their own vehicle.
I cannot be held responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the buyer, installer, or any other parties involved with the installation.